Wealth Makers General Trading and contracting
import are export all types of products needs for Kuwait local market and to
the Middle East market

Wealth Makers General Trading and contracting import are export all types of products needs for Kuwait local market and also to the Middle East market. Wealth Makers General Trading and Contracting would like to be the first place for major companies to select for contracting with in all areas of representation and for commercial transactions ( locally and internationally ). We in Wealth Makers work within the framework of international Islamic trade serves client to in financial matters and dealing with honour and assist the client with access complete satisfaction. Our attention is what the client wishes to achieve all our customers is the goal that we seek every day. Our clients are individuals, merchant, commercial, non-profit organization, factories, or government body. Our client is our customer who we are happy to meet his needs. We provide the community with excellent services, innovations and solutions to satisfy our customer needs and also to improve the quality of our services. We are working within three framework (honour – glory – money).




Our results become our reputation — and so it is a matter of personal pride that we do everything we
can to grow your business


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People In Stuff

Although we’re proud of our products, services, and technology, nothing matches the pride we have in our staff. We are committed to providing customer …


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ØDelight the customers this is the main driver of our business applies
to both internal and external customers

ØRelationship We believe in good relationship and fairness in all our dealings
ØService to understand and determine and deliver what our customer want with high
standard of workmanship and professionalism

ØTrust We believe that trust
and respect are essential for teamwork

ØIntegrity We hold honestly and
committed   with high standards of integrity as our guiding principles

ØOur People Providing a work
place where respect, dignity, fairness, and opportunity are valued and team
work is emphasized to the
greatest extent possible


We strive to excel always