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    Design and development of mobile application


    Be the largest amount of any website to be occupied by a smartphone. This extends to mobile applications, where each person uses these applications for at least two hours a day. In the age and time of these huge numbers of smartphones, you can not let your company lag behind without having a smart application

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    Digital strategies for the future


    At Forever, we are working to develop any mobile application with a commitment to developing an application that is truly the best in its category. Where we go beyond the technical aspects of the application idea to discover the "story" of your application in a holistic manner. We understand your needs, your company's needs, and your goals to deliver the best solution at the right price

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    Design and development


    We design your website to suit your needs

Our clients

We believe that direct collaboration with our customers is essential to achieving unique and attractive experiences in life. We help our customers solve business problems, increase visibility and achieve unexpected results

special design

Our team will work with you to ensure that the final project is what suits your goals

Speed means a lot to your customers

Is site speed important? No one likes browsing in slow download sites! We care about the speed of your website


From your phones, desktop computer, or tablet, name it. Make sure your website is responsive and responsive

Team of experts

You can count on our experts to create your own site with the highest quality. We are committed to deadlines, your website will be ready for visitors within the time specified at the beginning of the project.

Company Profile

Wealth Makers company is a Kuwaiti private company specializing in automated systems and providing manpower specialized in the field of information technology and technical consultancy.

Design, programming and technical services of wealth makers

Web Application Development

Compatible with smart phones It is very necessary that your site be properly configured to fit with smartphones

Mobile Application Development

Advanced applications provide services in the programming and development of smart phone applications for various sectors to help them facilitate their tasks and provide technical solutions to serve the beneficiaries and help reach them in the shortest time with no effort


Advisory services provide specialized human services

Special systems

Electronic Document Management and Systems Technical Management Systems Technical Support Management Systems Virtual Environments


Hospitals and Medical Centers Management System

A comprehensive medical system is designed and programmed to support the full mechanism property in the medical and administrative processes and procedures of clinics and medical centers, where the system works efficiently and quickly that save effort and time


“Tabebcom ” is an application that facilitates communication between you and your doctor. You can book an appointment, view your entire health history including symptoms, diagnosis, laboratory results, radiology report, prescriptions, and record your medical history. The app lets you learn about the offers and discounts that clinics offer you


Tabebcom  also gives you the opportunity to enter your data yourself and the way you like to write your name in Arabic and English


You will save the wait time it takes for the receptionist to enter this data. It will also ensure that your entered data are the same as any physician within the Netco Health Network


Contact your doctor easily, get to know the clinics around you Book an appointment and see your health record and other services

Department of stores and pharmacies

ICare manages pharmacies and provides a solution to optimize all major operations in the pharmacy system including POS, inventory management and accounting. It has a huge database where medicines are stored and provides full reports on all operations that occur

Accounts Management System

One of the ingredients of success in corporate management is the existence of an account management system that can help you improve your business productivity and the security of your information

Defined on the team

Ahmad Anwar


Mr.Anwar Allahdan


Marcus Mills


Our clients

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